Integrated Innovation Can be a Miraculous Solution to Organizational Competitiveness & Sustainability

Integrated Innovation Can be a Miraculous Solution to Organisational Competitiveness & Sustainability, In today’s most competitive environment almost each company wants creativity and innovation to be competitive to place their products on the front shelves or to be the customer’s first thought, Organizations have to be innovative in their actions to produce new quality products and services  to sustain their business and to remain alive in the race of innovations, like David Friedberg said “ Innovation is only sustainable competitive advantage a company can have”, but the problem most of the  companies don’t realize that their unique competitive advantage is hidden  in its potential creative employees and companies don’t take any serious action to foster the creativity  of its potential creative employee and when somehow  a potential employee offers an idea to the higher management the idea is shot down, there are several factors why companies are unable to use the creativity of its employees some of the factors we discussed below.

1-  Some time there is lack of idea grooming i.e when a potential employee doesn’t find a platform to discuss and improve his/her idea that how it could be converted successfully and how it would be use to improve the company/product

2-    Higher management often have no time to measure the depth and quality of the idea and potential of the employee or they might have concerns with the real focus of the organization and feel that new experiments might distract the company from the real focus.

3-    Another factor is resistance to change, company officials might feel uncomfortable from the unknown changes a new idea might carries some my insecure that new innovations might have no place for them or they might lose their importance by introducing new innovative practices.

Companies might  feel it’s risky to be innovative but they must  know not innovating even riskier, so they needs to foster employees creativity and have to be open towards innovation to sustain in today’s competitive environment, your suggestions and recommendations are highly required and appreciated.