Why are we not impressive in innovation?

Why are our dynamic aptitudes short?

Why are we frail to answer the announcement effect of radical innovations, having enough resources and best industry experts?

Why are we yet flabby to think of better thoughts for breakthrough innovations?

Why the absorptive capacity of our company is too low to identify, assimilate, transform and apply valuable external knowledge? These are the primary questions each company trying to response in today’s challenging world. Relatively every company is confronting the similar issues to developing new products, services and to be the ambidextrous organization to introduce dominant designs and to improve the combinative capabilities of employees, but the fact is even the strongest dose of the best analgesic on the market won’t help mend a broken bone.

Likewise, companies can’t just import the latest fads in innovation to cure what’s ailing them. Instead, they need to consider their existing processes for creating innovations, pinpoint their unique challenges, and develop ways to address them.

7th Sense Solutions® is ready to serve you through its Corporate Innovation Lab to provide solutions for all of your thrusts and needs in this regard