Diagnostic Review

Innovation challenges differ from firm to firm, otherwise commonly followed advice can be wasteful, even harmful, if applied to the wrong situations. Diagnostic review helps to evaluate your organizational needs, gaps, cultural needs and the innovation challenge to design appropriate innovation strategies, training and workshops that will perform best in given situations.

Action Steps

  • Culture Development
  • Report on Diagnostic Review
  • Need Assessment
  • Analysis of Company Vision, Mission and Values
  • Interviews with Management & Team (Sample)
  • Surveys with Staff
  • Results Sharing & Discussions Recommendations & Action Plan

Cultural Development

Inspiring and encouraging your employees by providing them adequate training and workshops to develop the skills and equipping them with the techniques to encouraging them to come up with innovation ideas to support the ideas of others for successful executions

Action Steps

  • Devising Plan to Manage Cultural Needs
  • Training and Workshops
  • Internalizing the Cultural Needs by
  • Recognition and Reward

Lab Designing

Based on the information being gathered from your organization our team Starts designing the lab compatible to the culture of your organization vision and mission and the innovation challenge in your given area

Action Steps

  • Framework of Lab
  • Execution of Lab as per agreed Scope
  • Logistics arrangements for Lab
  • Allocation of Budget
  • Formal Launch
  • Idea Collection
  • Idea Screening
  • Idea Implementation
  • Recognition and Reward Reporting on Lab KPIs for Lab’s Performance Evaluation