We have designed Lab in a way that can ensure innovative cultural development, idea generation and development simultaneously.

Ideas Generation

Management / Board understand that innovation starts with good ideas—but where do these concepts come from? Executives naturally look first inside their own functional groups or business units for creative sparks. They usually find they have a pretty good sense of what’s close at hand. The bigger sparks, they discover, are ignited when fragments of ideas come together— specifically, when individuals across units brainstorm to discover solutions.Our integrated approach towards cultural development and developing internal innovation consultants along with recognition and reward mechanism will overcome in vogue limitations and barriers to idea generation within organization.

Ideas selection

One of the challenges that every innovative leader faces is how to select among different ideas that emerge during the innovation process. Which ideas do you select? What ideas do you begin to prototype? Leading the innovation process requires getting your team to develop a lot of ideas (good and bad ones) and connecting them in creative ways. It’s an ideation journey that’s at once fun, exhilarating, and frustrating. But the rubber hits the road when you have to make up your mind which idea to move ahead. In a world where resources are scarce and in an environment in which decision could lead to failure, 7th Sense Solutions® will devise a review matrix adhering organizational goals and values with agreement of all stakeholders.

Ideas Conversion.

Generating lots of good ideas is one thing; how you handle (or mishandle) them once you have them is another matter entirely. New concepts won’t prosper without strong screening and funding mechanisms. In many companies, tight budgets, conventional thinking, and strict funding criteria combine to shut down most novel ideas. Employees quickly get the message, and the flow of ideas dries up.

Cultivation of Cultural Innovation

Culture of any company has an imperative role in performing innovation and driving it towards best innovative organizations across the globe, organizational culture has two dimensions bolster the creativity and support the creativity. The initial segment manages propelling and urging the workers to unleash their creativity and to think of creative thoughts and the second part is manages supporting those thoughts after dissemination. The truth of the matter is that without solid cultural support even world’s best innovative ideas couldn’t survive. Organizations contribute intensely on advancement yet at the same time couldn’t locate the attractive outcomes when even there is no deficiency of valuable thoughts and assets, yet what a capable thought will do if the culture of your organization isn’t reacting to it the way it ought to be.